Hey guys!

Time has been running fast the last 2 weeks. We have been working on bug fixes and polishing most of the time. Next up we´ll add more of the gameplay relevant features like NPC bases, POI capturing and more missions.

Next big devblog will be uploaded tomorrow!

Pantropy on Kickstarter

I spent some time yesterday to create some nice screenshots.

Artem has created 3 exclusive skins for our Backers:

T2 Mech Backer Skin

T3 Mech Backer Skin

Tomahawk Backer Skin

We´ll try to post weekly devblogs and video diarys and stream every saturday 8pm UTC+2

Watch live video from pantropy on www.twitch.tv

Pantropy Twitch

If you want to be part of the community, join the Discord here :

Pantropy Discord

Or sign up for the closed alpha. You might win one of 100 free keys :


Thanks for reading! We love you!


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