First of all a Happy New Year to all of you! We´ve been working on Pantropy for 2 years now. It´s really hard to imagine that we are working on the game for so long already.


So what have we been up to lately? Mostly bug fixing and overall improvements. But we have also added new content.

We have polished the AI and added the enemy faction drones.

Julian has also started to implement the enemy attack system. This system is a bit op at the moment but we´ll try to balance it this week.

We have also finally implemented the T3 mech. It took us about a week instead of the 2-3 days that we thought it would take. Suprise! 🙂 But it turned out great.

We just have to add support for multiple players.

Julian has also started working on bullet spray patterns, which will make the bullet networking much easier.

We still have to fix a ton of bugs. But we also want to finish some content before we start capturing footage for the upcoming Kickstarter trailer.


Tyson has finished most of the final enemy faction base concepts.

This is the drone construction unit.

The ore processing unit might held some loot!

There are two ways to collapse the shield generator. Either deal a lot of damage to it or destroy the energy generators.

The walker construction unit spawns enemy faction walkers.

I love the design of the generator. You should destroy these first!

We have started adding all equipment that you´ll need for Pantronite processing. Pantronite is the most valuable ore in the game and will allow you to craft the most epic stuff. But you´ll have to refine it first.

The centrifuge will be used to enrich the raw Pantronite.

The Pantronite reactor is the most advanced energy source in Pantropy.

3d Art

Osman is still working on the enemy faction base parts. We have already started thinking about a system how these will spawn.

Anjar has finished the enemy faction storage container. These will be found at enemy bases and might hold some loot.

Alex is working on additional skins for the mechs. We´ll work on a few more special skins as reward for our Kickstarter backers.

We also streamed again after a few weeks of absence. We have been too busy fixing bugs 🙂 The stream went pretty well.

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We´ll try to post weekly devblogs and video diarys and stream every saturday 8pm UTC+2

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Thanks for reading! We love you!


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