We have finally launched our Kickstarter!

Pantropy Kickstarter

We have also finished the Kickstarter video in time :


Julian was busy working on bugs and server performance. We still have a lot of issues left.

We have replaced the faction main bases with proper, textured models.

This is so much better now. The patch will go live today.

Julian has also worked on the POI capturing system. We have placed two power plants on the map that players can capture. It will provide a faction-wide bonus on the energy production. Also it´s part of the mission system. But beware – it´s heavily guarded!

We have also placed 4 faction outposts on each side of the map. You can try to break into these and get some nice loot. But these are well defended too!

We would love to add more content but we´ll focus on bugs for the rest of the week.


Tyson is busy designing all the missing T3 building parts.

3d Art

Artem has finished all the faction building parts and the small faction turret.


I´ve been evaluating new terrain shaders and a better system for trees and foliage. It took me a lot of time but I think we´ll replace our current systems in the near future.

I have also exchanged the grass. It looks much better now!

Pantropy Twitch

If you want to be part of the community, join the Discord here :

Pantropy Discord

Or sign up for the closed alpha. You might win one of 100 free keys :


Thanks for reading! We love you!


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