We´re mostly focusing on bugfixing and polishing these days before we send out Keys to the press and all the nice streamers and youtubers that have contacted us in the past year.

It´s like building a rocket and hoping that nothing ever goes wrong…

T2 mech infront of a small player base

Even if it sometimes feels like we´re not getting anywhere. Writing these devblogs always remind me how much we´ve accomplished since the last devblog.

Here´s what we´ve done:


Julian is currently focusing on bug fixing only. But we couldn´t resist to add at least a bit of the content that is waiting in the pipeline.

We have also improved the AI but there´s still some work left. We have nerfed the NPC base attacks and fixed the shooting sync issues that we´ve experienced last week. Enemy faction units are finally lethal again!

Forest creature followed me in the desert

We also brought back the piggy creature, the rhino and the SPACE MOO MOOS. We have a lot of crazy ideas what to do with these.

Space MooMoos! They might end up in a big acid splash when you shoot them. Just an idea at this stage…

Alexander has finished the Tomahawk, our small craftable player VTOL. Vinod did a nice job on animating the landing gear and Julian spend some time on implementing the whole thing into the game. It uses the same modular system as the mechs do. You can attach all craftable weapons, modules and armor to it.

The Tomahawk in third person

We want fresh spawns to feel a bit safe at least. But we don´t wanted to create safe zones by code. So we added a few very powerful gatling turrets around the home base of the player faction. (that´s where all new players spawn) These will attack opposite faction players, mechs and aircraft. And they do a pretty good job…

Faction territory defense. Still needs some proper A10 warthog sounds.

Local base part bank in Pantropy

Even if some things went wrong…. reminds me of the Philadelphia experiment.

Julian has fixed the player turrets and added the plasma turret and air defense.


Our faction bases are still turbosquid placeholders. We finally want to change that! Tyson has started designing a few modular parts to start with.

Standard walls. We will go with the first one.

No more struts or beams ontop of the gates. They always end up being an obstacle for the mechs.

Landing pad for NPC aircraft.

Corner parts/towers.

We also plan to add small faction storage buildings that enemy players can hack/raid in order to steal the epic loot. These will also be part of missions.

Raid or hack to get in..depends on your skills and/or equipment.

Tyson has finished the 50 cal machine gun. It will be fired from the hip (thinking of Alien).

Pew pew

3d Art

Alex has rendered a few promotional shots of our T2 mech. Awesome stuff!

Osman is working on a secret project and will afterwards start on modeling all the missing T3 base parts.

Artem has finished the powerplant interior and Pantronite reactor.

Capture it for your faction.

Most powerful energy source in Pantropy. The Pantronite reactor.

I´ve been polishing the map, water and reflections. Small changes but everything looks much better now! We still have to move to Unity´s post processing stack v2.

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