The current tasks are taking us much longer than we thought. But it´s totally worth it. I am really looking forward the the new possibilities that the AI performance update will create.


We have been very busy changing the current AI and creature system to fit into the listing system. The first tests have been very promising. We went from 50 creatures on the map to 5000 without any performance impacts.

Julian has created a grid system for the map in order to further improve the mob performance, implemented a new path finding system and target detection to fit the listing system.

We just have to add the new behaviour tree implementation and will hopefully be able to release a patch during the upcoming week.

Concept art

Tyson has worked on some props for the huge mining facility and the re-worked faction bases.

We´ll add more different building to the outposts and faction bases soon in order to make them more interesting to explore and to improve PVP.

We´ll get a new aircraft which will be the smallest one in the game. It is not armed but you can get from A to B much faster than using a mech and you can do cargo jobs using it.

3d Art

Artem has finished a lot of the props that Tyson has designed and is currently working on the mining facility.



Alex is working on the lowpoly models and texturing of the new mech weapons.

Osman has finished additional decals that will help to differentiate the player bases from each other.


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Thanks for reading! We love you!


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