Hey folks!

We have finally published the big performance patch. This has revised the base building system, energymanagement, item handling and basically reduced the amount of networked entities on the servers from hundreds to a hand full.

While coming with a few new bugs it turned out to run quite stable and also brought the effect on the performance we were hoping for. All servers are running fine and have a high average fps.

We had a small texture bug while testing these hundreds of active base components. That´s fixed now of course 🙂

We´re now dealing with a few bugs that are left. You can as always read about this on our trello :


The detailed patch notes can be reviewed on our discord channel :


Kickstarter EA keys. While the EA release is still 8 days away we have decided to send out the Kickstarter Early Access keys today and tomorrow in order to get a few more players onboard and helb us testing and maybe try to stress the servers a bit more.

Besides the daily bug fixing we have also grabbed some of the content that was getting dusty and implemented it into the game.

The pantronite reactor is the biggest energy source in the game. It´s huge, expensive and requires pantronite ingots in order to function but it provides a shitload of energy.

We have also brought the shield walls and floors back. The models are still place holders.

A big one, many have been waiting for it. The Zeus. It´s huge, loud and makes a lot of damage. It features 3 weapon mounts and you´ll need a lot of space in your back yard!

Some crazy guys have continued to build a massive cave base. Unfortunately we had to wipe servers for the latest patch.

Don´t forget to add Pantropy to your wishlist if you don´t want to miss the release :



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