It´s an exciting week! Since we´re not the best video producers, we´ve decided to hire a bavarian company to create the official Pantropy trailer. We have recorded a short teaser and gameplay featurette on our own though.

But first:

Pantropy on Steam Greenlight!

Please leave a YES on Steam Greenlight for Pantropy if you like the game and want to support us. It means a lot to us!


Cover Art by our concept artist Tyson


A short teaser including some action scenes

and a gameplay featurette covering some of the Pantropy gameplay and features

Update to Unity 5.6

We have also updated to the latest version of our engine, Unity 5.6 . Unfortunately a lot of things broke and throws us back. So we either will spend the next week to fix all or downgrade to 5.5 again. Hopefully Unity will provide a patch soon.

Julian has also implemented a 3rd person camera for all mechs and aircraft.


That´s all for this week. Thanks for reading! We´ll have another devblog for you next week!

Your Pantropy team

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