Hey guys!

We have been really busy during the last week and had a mixed launch experience. It wasn´t super bad but it also didn´t went through the roof. Anyway we´re happy that Pantropy is finally released and we will continue to work on making it a great game.

We´re still experiencing some recurring issues regarding the base building system and mechs at the moment. But we are working hard to solve these issues ASAP. We just have decided to take a little bit more time to develop and test the patches. Our first approach was to work almost all day and night on the patches and push them ASAP without a long testing period. We just didn´t want to let you guys down and wanted to show you that we do everything possible to get rid of the bugs ASAP.

That didn´t work out too well and some severe bugs are still existing. We will take more time and the period between patches will be longer (7-10 days). We have some awesome guys in the community that will also help us testing the game.

Besides the long list of bugs that we have fixed (or tried to fix) we have added a Panel for your mechs which makes it easier to locate them.


We also created some modern art while testing…

We fixed a lot of exploits. Unfortunately there are still one or two left. The black market was turned into a physical location and you have to travel to it if you want to buy anything. It could need a gardener though…

We have also worked a bit on the enviroment. But I really can´t wait to upgrade to Unity 2018 and make use of the new terrain system and the new Speedtree trees!

Detailed patch notes can be found on Steam and our Discord Channel :




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