Happy New Year!

It´s 2019! Finally the year when we´ll release our baby. And it´s not very long until the Steam early access release.

The release date of the Pantropy early access version is :

January 31th of 2019

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What we´ve been working on

We have been a bit quiet during the last weeks as we were focusing on some core mechanics of the game. We had to adress a few basic issues that would be hard to fix after release.

Did you ever wonder why some developers don´t fix certain bugs for a very long time? It´s not because they don´t want to. But sometimes some bugs are tied to very fundamental lines of code that would require to work on almost the complete code of the game.

We did that during the last 2 months. It´s like working on the ground layer of a pyramid. But we believe it was worth it and the only way to improve our networking and server performance big time!

We have also been able to fix bugs regarding the building system, doors, gates, the snapping, batching and a few other minor things.

New bugs might occure of course.

We wanted to work on the android system before the release, unfortunately we´ll not have the time to do this and we´ll work on them after the release. For the next 4 weeks we´re going to focus on fixing more bugs, adding a guide to the game and improve the general gameplay.

There is also still a shitload of content that needs to be implemented. But we´re going to take care about that after release.

Here are a few more assets that our artists have been working on:

This is the transformable mech.

The alien AA turret will be placed at bases towards the middle of the map.

This is the T1 scout plane. It´s a light 1 person aircraft.

Also our community has been building some crazy bases. Check these screenshots out :

BTW – we still haven´t figured out yet how people manage to stick T2 mech weapons to a basic drone…

So long. I´ll keep you guys posted. We´re really looking forward to the release!

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