Hey guys! These are busy times! We had a lot of players in the game after sending out the first wave of keys. We experienced peaks of 40-50 players per server and that wasn´t good for the server performance. We had to remove the mobs temporarily and decided do focus on performance optimization and bug fixing only for now. We also had/have to touch a few fundamental systems in order to improve the overall server performance.


Julian has finished the base batching which boosted the client performance a lot. All passive base parts will now be batched into single 3d models.

We have fixed a ton of bugs already but some changes also introduced new bugs. We had some big time issues with the doors and passwords after some performance improvements but that´s fixed.

We have received a lot of bug reports from our awesome community and listed them all on our trello board :


We still have to make some changes to the main systems of the game before we can focus on bugfixing again.

One thing we have made was setting up list managers for networked entities. We have started doing this for base cores, lights, doors and gates. Instead of networking hundreds of these on a single server they now get listed in a single list which than gets synced. The networking system is currently our main bottleneck.

Of course we still have to do this for all the other entities such as generators, crafting stations, cargo boxes and smelters. This will take at least another week and will most likey come with new bugs. It´s not easy to do this but we think it´s better to do it know than after release.

Julian has improved the performance of the mobs and is currently fixing a few minor issues in order to hopefully bring them back by the end of the week.

Afterwards we´ll work on the listing feature for the remaining base entitites.

Concept art

We want to expand the faction HQ bases and outposts. Tyson has started working on different new buildings and props to do this.

The outposts and faction bases will get more different buildings.

The faction command tower will be the main building of the faction bases.

The large storage building will be found in larger outposts and will serve the same purpose as the small storage units. Giving you loot! 🙂



3d Art

Artem and his team is busy finalizing the mining facility. It will be huge and is a scary maze already. Sneak peek of some finishe props:



Alexey has finished new T2 weapons



The T2 bomb mount can be fitted to the Tomahawk and Zeus.

Often requested by the community – a mid range artillery cannon for your mech!
Alexander has finished the T1 mech. It´s the smallest mech in Pantropy and has a single weapon mount.

Anjar has finished the egg creature queen and has done an astonishing job on it!

He is now working on Lods before we start animating it.

Osman has started working on faction decals for base parts. This might take a while but it will help to identify other player´s bases.

If you want to be part of the community, join the Discord here :

Pantropy Discord

Thanks for reading! We love you!


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