This took longer than expected! We´ve developed a new system for the AI that allows us to have decent server performance and up to 1000 active mobs on the map instead of shitty fps and 50 mobs. But it took us more than 6 weeks instead of the 2 that we thought it would take.

Anyways. We´re on track to finally fix the performance. We still have to do the same thing (that we did to the mobs) to the interactive base parts, like smelters, cargo boxes, reactors etc.

But before we do this we´ll keep working on the AI and bring at least 50% of the mobs back into the game.

We have implemented a new enemy walker type that is more lethal than the typical blue walker and can be found in the black desert biome.

3d Art

Tyson has designed an enemy faction melee walker. Those will have no ranged attacks and might attack in groups.

Tyson is also working on a new building for the faction spawn points.

And here´s the concept art of the second boss that we´re going to work on.

The big crashed ship is still a place holder. Tyson has started to work on some nice concepts for the new one.

3d art

Artem has finally finished the mining facility. It´s huge and you can get easily lost in it. But there will be some nice loot waiting for you.

Artem and his team have also finished the new territory control building. It will replace the small storage buildings that we´re currently using.

Alex and Alexey have started working on a set of modular parts for the T2 mech. We´ll add 2 more types of legs and 2 more types of torsi.


I have no clue how you guys always manage to do things like this :

120mm cannon on the Tomahawk – this shouldn´t be possible at all! It´s still funny though.

Hawkie has created a nice photoshop mockup of his Tomahawk. Pretty impressive!

This week we´re going to bring back more mobs and work on some crucial bugs.

If you want to be part of the community, join the Discord here :

Thanks for reading! We love you!


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